What is healthy?

what does it mean to be healthy?  that’s a question brynlee asked me one day while we were chatting.  it’s a great question, however, it is one of much controversy to many.

let’s start with the merriam-webster definition:  healthy: having good health; not sick or injured.  notice, ladies, that it does not say “weighing ‘such and such’ pounds” or “looking like a supermodel or fitness model”.  it says “not sick or injured”.

too many times we equate health with size.  don’t get me wrong, size CAN play a key part in health.  extremes are not healthy.  obesity, anorexia and orthorexia are sicknesses.  however, just because a person seems overweight, does not mean they are not healthy.  just because a person is thin, does not mean they are healthy.  genes play a huge part in a person’s shape and size.  can it be tweaked by physical activity and dietary lifestyle?  absolutely.

mental health plays a key role as well.  i see far too many girls out there obsessed with the way they LOOK.  they work out constantly, trying to achieve the body of a fitness model.  with so many avenues of social media, this generation is being overridden with so many trying to sell their way of life, their dietary plans, their training services, and their supplements.  for many, this leads to obsession.  following this page of “hardbodies” or that page of “sleek and sexy”, girls are being bombarded with the wrong message, and that message is “you need to look like this”.

ladies, focus on true health.  focus on keeping all of your parts in good working order.  focus on feeding your body the good stuff it needs to keep those parts in tip-top shape.  focus on being mentally healthy – surround yourself with good friends who want to see you achieve success, whatever that success may be.  move your body.  don’t be a couch potato.  put the phone down and go play a game of tennis or ride your bike, go to the gym or walk through town with your friends.  but please, don’t obsess. an unhealthy fixation on anything is not good. it wears the body down.

what you think is just as important as what you do.  renew your mind.