What’s the story?

i was at the grocery store yesterday with brynlee and her mom, and an older gentleman came up to mrs. sheffield and said “your husband is a very, very lucky man.  i swear to God!”.

upon hearing this, i thought, “oh, that’s so sweet”.  but as i watched mrs. sheffield blush and feel a little uncomfortable, i wondered what exactly he meant to do with that statement.  did he mean to make her feel good about herself?  did he mean to get a reaction from her that would lead to something that shouldn’t?  or did he merely mean to tell her that she is a very attractive lady?

you see, this man doesn’t know mrs. sheffield at all.  he doesn’t know that his statement was unsettling to her.  he has no idea that threw her into mental conflict.  i’m sure he meant well, but…

again, he doesn’t know her.  in his own mind, he saw a very attractive woman and made the choice to express his opinion.  however, what if he had said this to a woman/young lady who just lost her husband due to death, divorce, etc?  or what if she is having an affair?  what if she’s married to a woman?  what if he said this to a woman who is abusive, or lazy, or a workaholic?

you see, he judged mrs. sheffield, and her husband, based on her looks.  sadly, too many people judge others based on looks.  how sad it is that this happens.  everyone has a story, and you most likely don’t know that story – only God knows.  oh, to live in a world where people aren’t judged on looks, but rather, are known for who they are deep down inside.