Take a journey

allow me to ask you a couple of questions, if you will…

how do you talk to yourself?   do you have conversations with yourself, or do you just blurt random sentences, or are your words intentional?  when you do actually speak, is it out loud, or in your head?  are the words positive or negative?

and have you ever stared at yourself?  really, really looked into your own eyes – not to put on makeup or see if there’s an eyelash in there, but just looked.  how did it feel?  the first time i had brynlee do this, she was very uncomfortable.  i didn’t understand why.  why is it that you girls are so uncomfortable with yourselves?  after all, you are the ONLY person who you will be around every second of your life!

i’d like to invite you to begin a journey – a very important journey.  starting now (well, after you read this), look at yourself in the mirror.  but, don’t just glance at yourself and then go about your day.  really look at yourself.  get close enough to the mirror to notice if you have specks in your eyes, and the different shades of color, and different colors.  when you’re done taking mental inventory of the characteristics of your eyes, look deeper.  they say the eyes are the windows to the soul.  well, look into your soul.  what do you see?  how do you feel?  take a few moments to connect with yourself.  then, i’d like you to repeat these words while you’re looking deep: “i am beautiful.”  say it out loud.  repeat it, only this time, say it louder, like you would if you were talking to your best friend – “i am beautiful.”  repeat 5 more times.  do this everyday.

afterward, take time to answer some questions (maybe even write them down):  what emotions did you experience?  how did you feel physically?  what were your thoughts after you said those words to yourself?  did you believe yourself?  i hope you did, because you are.  you are beautiful.  🙂