A brush with greatness

while out at the mall with brynlee and her friends today, i overheard a girl talking about her “brush with greatness”, as she called it.  apparently, while vacationing last week, she met a famous actress (I’ll call her daphne) from one of the television shows teenage girls watch.  she spoke of how beautiful she is in person, and how her new life goal is to look just like daphne.  she proceeded to talk about losing 15 pounds, and changing her hair color, among other things.  the reason?  well, the reason she gave her friends was “because all the guys were staring at her, some even came over to get her number or ask her out!”

unfortunately, the real reason she wanted to change was because she doesn’t love herself.  how could she love herself and want to change everything that makes her who she is?  she had lots of friends around her, so i’m sure she’s lovely… or at least like-able.  and she is a beautiful girl, in my opinion, who surely does not need to lose weight!  i even caught some of the boys in the mall staring at her.  but is that a reason to want to change your entire self – to get guys to like you?  please tell me you think that is crazy, like I do!

thankfully, brynlee is starting to agree with me, deep down.  it took a  while, but she is getting it.  she realizes that people are beautiful, each in their own way.  she’s realizing that she doesn’t have to look like everyone else, or be waif model thin, or be 6 feet tall to be beautiful.  after dealing with samantha and her meanness for so long, and seeing how samantha’s friends started to pull away from her because of her poor character, did she come to understand that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

think about it.  would you want people to like you for what you look like, or who you are?  and how about you?  do you pick your friends based on their looks or do you pick them based on common interests, how they treat you, etc?  people’s looks change.  their hair cut and color changes based on mood and trends.  weight is gained and weight is lost, sometimes drastically.  wrinkles appear.  skin gets tanned with a kiss of the sun.  during puberty, both girls and guys shoot up like rockets, and some will grow over 6 inches in just a few months!  now, tell me, will you stop being friends with someone because of these things?  i would hope your answer is a rock solid “no”.

think about your best friend, your BFFL.  why are you friends?  what first made you think “yup, she’s a good one”?  chances are pretty high that it wasn’t the way she looks.  and, chances are she didn’t pick you as a friend because of the way you look.  perhaps she liked your style, but i can assure you it probably wasn’t because your hair is brown, or you weigh 155 pounds, or you’re 5’2″.

it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.  i get it, the teenage years are tough, and somewhat superficial.  things that shouldn’t matter do, and things that should matter, don’t.  but that’s not how it works when you’re older.  yes, there will be people who are still stuck in that high school mentality, but for the most part, it’s a person’s character that counts.  integrity, compassionate, ethical, reliable, considerate, fair, generous, polite, selfless, faithful, friendly, humble, honest, open-minded, truthful – these are only some of the things that  make up great character.  do you possess these traits?  brynlee sure does!  she is a “brush with greatness”!   🙂