Hello world!

hello world!  pleased to meet you!  some of you may already know me – i’m nova, one of many teacup dandies.  what’s a teacup dandy, you ask?  let’s see, how can i explain… did you ever watch cartoons where there’s a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel on the other, and both are trying to give advice or whatever?  we’re kind of like that, only we are good guys, umm, gals.    when life’s got you down, when you’re struggling with something, or when you just need someone to talk to, we’re there as your personal little counselor and friend.

you see, every girl on the planet has a teacup dandy.  we look a lot like you, and our clothes reflect your style, including our really cool top hats – we all have one!  some of you met your tea cups at a very early age, some will meet later on, and some, well, some of you never meet yours at all because you’re not open to meeting her.  not everyone is open to change.

we are assigned to you by our boss, the Great Counselor, when you are born.  my human’s name is brynlee.  you may know her from reading her story in the book Danger: Curves Ahead.  if you haven’t read it yet, i hope you do soon!  i think you’ll really like her.  she’s a 15 year old girl who is a fantastic hip-hop dancer!  i know she won’t mind me telling you that she has issues with poor body image.  she has come a long way, and would love to help other girls like her feel better about themselves.  and that’s why we’re here.  to help you.  you’ll meet some of my friends in the near future.  until then, my thoughts and i will be here trying to positively change the way girls treat themselves and each other one post at a time…